Articles of Interest, May 3, 2012

Cutting up in school is now considered criminal. There are too many instances to list about children being arrested, some as young as six (for having a temper tantrum).

Cops in Oakland may actually have to answer for their excessive force (which, if this was war like they want, would have violated many international laws) against Occupy.

Brilliant article by Chris Hedges about how America, like every other crumbling empire in history, is going insane.

Brooklyn College students (proud of my alma mater for once!) get roughed up for civil disobedience related to  tuition hikes. CUNY used to be free in my parents’ age and was a relatively small amount when I attended. What they’re asking for is not unreasonable, nor should students being in a building they belong at get beaten on for demanding what’s right. Most of the money, by the way, never benefits those who attend.

Apparently there’s the possibility that BP execs face a few notes of the music related to the spill. Aside from a couple of heads on a platter, I’m not holding my breath. Not only have Obama’s second (third?) largest contributors gotten less than a slap on the wrist thus far, they’ve gotten permission to dig deeper and more dangerously.


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