Articles of Interest, May 2, 2012

Golly gee, the FBI wouldn’t ever fabricate “terror” plots, would they? Except when they did back in 2010. Given that, are we supposed to believe them about this Cleveland stuff?

Student abandoned in drunk tank for five days without food and water. Kinda like the guy in New Mexico who was forgotten about for two years in solitary for suspicion of DUI.


Related to yesterday in NYC:

Plainclothes cops arresting a woman without identifying themselves to her or anyone else. She must have had that split second where she wasn’t sure who was putting their hands on her.

Cops and FBI raid protesters’ homes on little to no pretense and questioning their plans.

NYPD memo detailing yesterday’s plans. Notice the counter-terrorism stamp. Aside from the obvious rediculus reasons, maybe it’s to use the federal funds allocated for counter-terrorism and therefore get the same or more next year?

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