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Articles of interest, May 31, 2012

Mr. Taibbi explains why the SEC is only going after the small fish. He’s so fucking brilliant in the way he’s able to digest and break it down.

Philly airport allows defrocked pedophile priest to have sensitive position within the TSA.

35,000 Americans making 200k or more squirreled out of paying taxes. But they’re the job creators and we’re the ones sponging? 

Why isn’t Islam considered a Constitutionally protected religion? Why is TN being allowed to stop a mosque being created? 

Federal contractors free to donate without having to disclose the amounts–which you and I do.

FDA again shows us where their interests lie as they refuse to rename corn syrup for what it is, sugar.

Eric Holder is finally getting involved in the new Jim Crow (ie, voter ID laws).

President of European Central Bank has come out saying how fucked the EU is.


Articles of Interest, May 30, 2012

My own personal fantastic news is that after nine months, my disorderly conduct charge stemming from the “Pepper Spray Arrests” have been dismissed. I will be writing a blog about it soon.

Indiana charges woman with feticide after she attempts suicide. That’s great. Take a woman (already living, but they don’t care about people once they’re born) who must have been seriously depressed, and throw her in jail. This is on top of the law in UT that if a pregnant woman has a miscarriage, it can be considered murder. What is up with this criminalization? I’d say that it’s just the RW wringing their hands, but this is actually being carried through with.

TSA would like to double our security fees. And we’ll bitch about it, but it’ll happen. We have to pay for the illusion of safety in every way possible.

Dollar in trouble as more and more countries don’t want to trade in a currency so volatile.

Who needs too big to fail, anyway?

Court rules Assange can be extradited back to Sweden to answer bullshit harassment charges

Walker putting campaign contributions ($100k at a time) into his legal fund. I thought that wasn’t allowed?

Following up on yesterday: Gov. Scott pledges to purge more from voter rolls. He’ll do anything to get his man in, including (especially) rigging it so that our votes no longer count.

Hundreds of thousands of people are off unemployment, but employment numbers haven’t changed. No one has been able to clearly tell me if this means there will be a swath of those who have to turn to welfare? And with the proposed cuts…what? Are we going to let people die on the street?

Articles of Interest, May 29, 2012

Too long a respite from here the past few days… with the holiday, there haven’t been a ton of articles (or maybe I was just too lazy to thoroughly look).

Why conservatives are willing to sacrifice the life of the mother when a fetus is involved, but also cut funding for special needs kids.

Women in AZ are buying birth control on the black market. How long before wire hangers come back?

It’s not just here: UK doctors concerned that regulation safety checks of abortion clinics could be twisted by anti-choice groups.

Sad statistic: more soldiers have killed themselves than have died in combat since Iraq & Afghanistan began.

“‘Louisiana is the world’s prison capital. The state imprisons more of its people, per head, than any of its U.S. counterparts. First among Americans means first in the world. Louisiana’s incarceration rate is nearly triple Iran’s, seven times China’s and 10 times Germany’s.’” No surprise that LA is a for-profit prison system.

Gov. Scott (FL) is illegally knocking over a thousand people off the voter rolls. Remember, it was less than 600 that called Bush/Gore.

Koch Brothers help Walker by bussing in and feeding people from IL.

This wasn’t hard to figure out: radioactive fish now showing up in U.S. waters. Did we really think our American exceptionalism would make us any different than Japan or Russia/E. Europe?

LGBT friendly church set on fire, by, I’m sure, people who think they are the “real” Christians.

Ohio set to out Texas Texas by setting an execution date for a man found twice to be incompetent to stand trial.

Obama has his own personal hit list of those who are suspected of being Al-Qaeda. And to lessen any outcry about the many, many innocent people killed, Obama has lowered the threshold of suspicion to any male within the prime age group.

And, just for some humor:’s article about the 6 lies we believe about the “discovery” of America.

Articles of Interest, May 24, 2012

To make up for the solitary link yesterday, here are a whole bunch.

TSA given even more money to harrass, needlessly search and be completely useless.

 Obama is pushing for completely warrantless wiretapping. At what point do people acknowledge that at the very least on the domestic front, he’s turning out even worse than Bush II?

Scary CBO report surmises that we’re about to hit a depression due to this short-sighted, simplistic deficit reduction budget. It’s almost like they’re trying to sink our economy with their absurdities. And Obama isn’t free and clear on this–he’s put up no fight about it.

12.7% of people 15-24 are out of work and that number is expected to climb until at least 2016. That’s a lot of angry people with time on their hands. Is it any surprise that this same demographic has woken up to the class war from above?

Another example of good ol’ fashioned American racism. KKK is not only alive and well, they’ve invited NC residents to a “whites only” cross burning.

The push is on to revoke Fox’s license due to the Murdoch wiretapping scandal both here and in the UK.

10 dumbest members of Congress. One guess as to which party they belong to. Related article about the death of the American public intellectual. Idiocracy, anyone?

Second suspicious fire in a week breaks out at a GA abortion provider. But, I’m sure, like the other recent incidents, this will be deemed a lone nut and not domestic terrorism.

American Airlines kicks woman off flight for wearing pro-choice t-shirt.

How the DEA is putting more pressure on medical marijuana facilities to close, although public support is in their favor. Doesn’t matter what we think–what matters is whose pockets get lined.

NY legislators introduce bill disallowing anonymous posts or comments.

Cop caught speeding almost 150 mph while drunk gets job back.

St. Louis cops are freaking out that dash cams will be used against them. Then don’t brutalize or plant evidence?

BART shooter, ex-cop, wants conviction overturned. It’s a textbook case of involuntary manslaughter (at least), so I’m not sure how that’ll fly. But more messed up stuff has happened.

How mistreatment and abuse by the guards at the for-profit prison that resulted in riots hit a boiling point.

Nice. JPMorgan investigation headed by ex-JPM lobbyist. This while the government says they’re trying to control conflicting interest within the Fed.

Why are disabled kids getting handcuffed for behavioral issues in our schools? What is this teaching them?


There are many news stories out there today, but this one is so important, it needs a post of its own:

Congress approves of domestic propaganda campaigns. This was never allowed before.

Articles of Interest, May 22, 2012

Ray Kelly pledged to change policy on stop and frisk policy within the NYPD a few days ago. However, a couple of hours “sensitivity” training when 600,000+ are being unjustly profiled and subjected to the humiliating practice is insulting. A couple of days later, Kelly does his usual whining when the press doesn’t lap it up

More instances of the NYPD making friends in the community. From his diatribe to a couple of people who double parked to get some Chinese: “I have the long d**k. You don’t. Your pretty face — I like it very much. My d**k will go in your mouth and come out your ear. Don’t f**k with me. All right?..I’ll take my gun and put it up your a– and then I’ll call your mother afterwards. You understand that?…And I’ll put your s**t in your own mouth…”

Man in TN gets $22,000 stolen from him by cops when stopped for speeding and was under no suspicion of anything else. Locals have dubbed it “policing for profit” and this was certainly not an isolated issue.

CT cop falls asleep and his fellow officer, as a joke, take a picture. The completely reasonable response? Pull a gun on him.

It ain’t just in Montana: half of all states are fighting back against the ruling allowing the  wholesale selling of our country that is Citizens United.

Another through but highly readable article on how Justice Roberts sold out the American people with Citizens United. I hate his snotty smirk so much.

Million dollar hospital bills aren’t uncommon anymore. With such a large segment of our population without insurance, they may as well let ’em die in the streets.

Why isn’t the DNC backing the Walker recall effort?

Yet another study has come out proving that conservatives are dumber and cannot articulate as well as everyone else.

Cautious optimism: private torture contractors can be sued. However, why aren’t government employees held to the same standard?

Army shells out $17k per(!) for a spare part in made within a KY congressman’s district. Not like we’re in a depression or anything…

“Senate Banking Chair Calls Jamie Dimon to Testify: But JP Morgan Chase is His Biggest Contributor!”



Articles of Interest May 21, 2012

Away for a few days, then enjoying the outside world too much to go online, so this one will be long.

Almost 50 vets returned their service medals over the weekend at the NATO summit, including Scott Olsen

‎”A police state is one in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population.” This weekend in Chicago showed that there is no other term  for what’s going on.. How in fuck can we say we stand for freedom with a straight face? “Eight-foot tall, anti-scale security fencing went up all over that perimeter and downtown, including Grant Park; and the Chicago police..were out in force on riot-geared horses, bikes, and patrols – batons at the ready…Meanwhile, F-16 warplanes “screamed through the skies as part of a pre-summit defense exercise” and helicopters hovered incessantly..road closures and pedestrian restrictions included dozens of road closures. There will also be airspace restrictions over Chicago (the flight advisory is here). In addition, there will be marina and waterway restrictions, with the creation of special “maritime security zones”, and an increased presence of US Coast Guard during the summit.
So, welcome, Nato, to the Chicago police state 2012. It may be hard to see or experience the security measures from within the perimeter, but for Chicagoans, the new experience is chilling. As one Chicagoan reportedly told NBC Chicago, the mass of security equipment “made her feel like she was on ‘lockdown’.” If this isn’t a police state, what the fuck IS it?”

You know that rhetoric about how we need to give money to the ultra rich, because they’re the only ones who can kick start this economy? And not to worry, because they’ll spend every penny, which will then trickle down to us? Instead, these “patriots” are renouncing their citizenship in order to keep all (1800 last year alone).

Deadly explosion at PA plant is the prime example of why deregulation is so deadly. Between that, BP and so, so many others, I can’t imagine why *any*one would claim less regulation is the key.

More than 2,000 people wrongly convicted of major felonies (including 101 from death row) have been exonerated in the past 20 years. And those are only the ones we know about.

Because she had such low level involvement (never touched or saw the narcotics in question) and had nothing to “deal”, TX grandmother is sentenced to life imprisonment

Inmates at a low security for profit prison start major riot. This facility is controlled by the CCA, the largest FPP group in the country. They’re already known for forgetting about prisoners, hiring the cheapest (not the best) guards, leaving inmates to die, substandard food and horrific living conditions (and this is not just a few odd cases–it is pervasive). How can we trust them with the higher security facilities (which they are putting all their lobbying efforts into)?

Yet another reason to abolish the death penalty: death row inmates are nine times more likely to be found innocent than other inmates convicted of murder.

Gov. Christie has some balls: while parading around the country kissing conservative ass, NJ is *still* in shortfall. But, of course, his answer is to cut taxes in a way to help the richest

Fox News commentator remarks on why women shouldn’t have the right to vote. But no, there’s no war on women.

I usually don’t speak much on Palestinian-Israel issues for many reasons, but this is gone too far. Jewish settlers are ripping up crops and defacing land. Now, “A video released by an Israeli human rights group appears to show a settler firing a pistol at a group of Palestinian protesters while police and soldiers stand by.”

A few days ago in ID, 13 employees and owners of various head shops around the country were raided as if they were Tony Montana or Pablo Escobar. Not for illegally selling anything, just stocking water pipes. 5:30 in the morning, cars seized, children terrified. What the fuck? This is what the DEA finds most pressing? 

Teen files suit against school for being stripsearched on faulty info and after nothing resulted from the invasive pat down. 

In 2008, a law was passed allowing all international communications to be monitored. All. Journos, lawyers and human rights groups are taking the case to SCOTUS since these sensitive communications are being spied on with impunity. I’ll be watching this one.

Very interesting article on how and why Justice Roberts orchestrated Citizens United.

Texas is the worst state in the nation for job discrimination.

White House visitor logs show just how bad the lobbying is, worse than Bush. In and out, all day, none of whom have Americans’ best interests at heart. But we, the people, aren’t allowed in. Most will shrug and say that this is the cost of doing business, a necessary evil. If that’s so, then the logical step is that our government is bought and sold by corporate interests. “The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism – ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”–FDR

Articles of Interest, May 16, 2012

First Occupier to get to trial found not guilty!!!!

How the FBI makes up/entraps terrorists, while letting the real ones free.

Like in some dystopian nightmare, the brilliant Chris Hedges discusses how corporations have colonized us.

Matt Taibbi explains why we should care that JPMorgan lost 2 billion–they’re still on welfare. That’s our money.  Meanwhile, shareholders are suing, which is fucking awesome–follows shareholders of BoA and Citi. This massive loss is finally making people ask if “too big to fail” is finally over. Meanwhile, King Bloomberg is saying there’s too much reform(!). Between that and the most modest of COL raises, he’s showing just how much of an asshole he is.

Awesome, accidental leak from Goldman shows just how openly fraudulent they were/are.

Particularly awful WellFargo foreclosure drives one man to kill himself.

High fructose corn syrup officially damages your ability to think.

Seems long apparent to me, but I guess it bears repeating. Union rights are civil rights.

By 2015, there will be a “black box” in every new car.

US politicians suddenly worried that their constituents could be dissatisfied with the austerity cuts, as in Europe.


Took a couple of days off…real life and all that. 

Rep. Peter King continues to show the depths of his insanity by claiming the NYPD doesn’t profile…even though they admit they have. The rate, by the way, is set to rise by more than a quarter than it was last year (800k).

Pasadena police shoot kid who they were told was armed during a robbery (he had no part in it). That’s not really news, unfortunately. But what is, is that they handcuffed him after shooting him seven times.

In Louisiana, the *world’s* capital of prisons, the sheriffs’ get kickbacks (‘scuze me, funding) for everyone in jail. Think there might be incentive to lock people up?

Over 20 years ago,  an innocent man was put to death in state sanctioned murder. Yet another reminder of how our system of justice, isn’t. But, imo, people are more concerned with appearances than fact and as long as they feel safer, then they are.

Asshole gov. of Kansas signs into law that pharmacists can withhold any prescription if s/he feels it could possibly cause a miscarriage or abortion. 

Because of abstinence “education”, 60% of young adults don’t know the facts about contraception. I honestly don’t understand it. It seems to me to be to not educate them (sex or other), make sure they keep the kid, and then when the kid is born, not help them. Because that would be socialism.

Bureaucrat leaves out key information in pardon, prisoner stays in jail–even though he is the poster child for pardons.

Bain Capital subsidiary fires all workers, offers to hire some of them back at a much lower wage. Romney–job creator. 

CIA kidnaps wrong man, sends him to secret prison where they torture him for years. When they figure it out, they drop him on the side of a mountain road in Albania. No sorry, no nothing. Exactly as CIA had hoped, SCOTUS won’t hear the case because it didn’t happen on US soil. Now the European High Court is hearing it. How fucking shameful for us.

Monsanto and Dow continue to try to kill us.

Shale, the product of fracking, which is poisoning our water and causing earthquakes, is “fool’s gold”.

Five very shameful facts about the US (like, we’re near the bottom of children’s health and welfare–but JP Morgan needs bailed out!).

Articles of interest, may 10, 2012

Mr. Taibbi, once again, lays it all out--this time about austerity measures here as opposed to Europe. Not a new revelation, but it’s very interesting that in Europe, when they enact austerity laws, the people fight back. Here, we not only take it, we actually defend what is not in our best interests.

Spanish citizens are gearing up for massive protests against the austerity cuts. They are facing very similar obstacles to what OWS has. Interested to see how they handle it.

So, I thought the story about cops giving Occupiers drugs and letting them loose was a rumor. I was wrong (MKULTRA, anyone?). The program has (officially) ended and none of the cops will get in trouble because (like always) they were just following orders. Doesn’t matter now–the damage is already done, both physically and to the reputation of both the individual and Occupy as a whole. Cuz you just *know* that the cops called the local station to report how the Occupiers are “out of control druggies”. And we’re supposed to trust the cops.

In the good ol’ fashioned American racism department, ID sheriff candidate hosts a cross burning with fellow KKK’ers and is defending the ceremony as a Christian ritual. I wonder what Jesus would say about that.

Senate Republicans stop Stafford loan rates from doubling. Someone please tell me why this isn’t going to be the nail in our economic coffin. From what I’ve been reading, this bubble bursting is going to make the housing crash look like the Dot Gone era.

Why is it that our productivity has gone up but we’re doing even more poorly?

It’s easy, here in NYC, to not see just how bad the economic devastation is around the country. This is an excellent portrait.

Cop kicks 9 month pregnant woman in stomach, department defends. Again, we’re to trust these people? What kind of human does that? 

Only 27% of Americans still support the Afghan War. How many of those are related in some way to the military industrial complex?

Climate change and the rising ocean temperatures are responsible for the deaths of 5,000 birds and 900 dolphins near Peru alone.

Excellent Op-Ed piece in the NYTimes about just how fucked we are with climate change. We are reaping what we sowed with ignoring this for so long. 

FDA puts pressure on advisory group to rush through a drug, though it could cause cancer and there is no clear data on different dosages.

FDA, EPA and Monsanto are all in bed with each other (don’t forget DuPont and Bayer, too), putting our safety at peril.

How the rich get richer: renouncing their citizenship and avoiding taxes. But they’re the *real* Americans, who are job creators and want to help the country, right?

“Of all the ignominious actions of the Obama administration, the steadfast, systematic shielding of Wall Street from criminal liability is probably the most corrupt in the traditional sense of that word.”

Military leaders taught that we need to be at war with 1.4 billion Muslims to make America safe, to target civilian populations as much as possible and to look to Hiroshima as inspiration.

How keeping us terrified on the flimsiest of evidence (notice how all these “bombers” charges are always dropped) keeps us in line and manufacturers rich.